Employee Transortation Coordinator

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The right leadership is key to your programs’ success.

The Employee Transportation Coordinator serves as the point of contact between management and employees to implement, promote, and administer the program. And between the employer and local jurisdiction to report the employer’s progress in meeting the goals and requirements of the program.

Tasks of an Employee Transportation Coordinator may include:

  • Meetings with management to determine program elements
  • Working with local transportation agencies about transportation services and products
  • Completing the Employer Annual Report and Program Description
  • Coordinating the distribution and collection of biennial surveys to the employees
  • Evaluating the program and survey data to enhance the program and improve results
  • Assisting employees with ride-matching to form carpools or vanpools
  • Meeting with employees to talk about the benefits of carpooling, bicycling or riding the bus
  • Promoting the Commute Trip Reduction program to employees by producing and distributing information
  • Tracking employees’ participation in program elements
  • Monitoring employee parking in designated HOV parking spaces
  • Distributing bus passes and vanpool or carpool incentives to employees
  • Briefing management on the program’s progress

Selecting an employee transportation coordinator

You can choose anyone within your company that has a passion for alternative commuting, works well with other employees, and can manage the elements of the program. Since many of the functions of the program involve personnel and employee benefits, the Employee Transportation Coordinator typically works within the human resources department.

It’s also crucial that the Employee Transportation Coordinator can attend meetings and training events.