Program Requirements

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Do you own or run a business affected by the Commute Trip Reduction Act?

The Washington Commute Trip Reduction law and local CTR ordinances state: 

“An affected employer must make a good faith effort to develop and implement a Commute Trip Reduction program designed to reduce the number and length of drive-alone commute trips made to the worksite.”

If you think your company may be affected by the CTR law, please call the CTR office at 360-487-7733 or e-mail CTR Administrator.

How do I know if my business is affected?

Your business is affected if it has:

  • 100 or more employees reporting to work between the hours of 6 and 9 am at least two days a week and is located within an affected urban growth area 

If that’s you, you’re expected to participate in the Commute Trip Reduction Program.

When should I report my business to the state?

State law requires employers defined as an “affected employer” to identify themselves to the city or county within 180 days of either:

  • Moving into the boundaries of the jurisdiction or growing in employment to 100 or more employees (or the employee threshold defined by local ordinances).

The Commute Trip Reduction law also applies to business locations in local jurisdictions (cities and counties), regardless of the number of affected employees at the jurisdiction worksite.

If your company is affected by the commute trip reduction act at minimum, you’re required to do the following:

  • Designate an Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC).
  • Display the ETC’s name and contact information in a prominent location.
  • Distribute information to employees about commute alternatives to driving alone.
  • Implement a set of measures geared toward achieving CTR goals.
  • Measure employee commute behavior every two years.
  • Report progress toward CTR goals annually.

Can I participate in the Commute Trip Reduction Program or start my own even though I’m not affected?

Yes?  You’ll have access to the same promotional tools and services to promote commuting alternatives as affected CTR employers.

If you want to become a Voluntary Commute Trip Reduction Employer or to start a program, call the CTR office at (360) 487-7733 or e-mail CTR Administrator.