Destination Downtown

Helping you explore new ways to get downtown.

Destination Downtown is a travel options program offered by the City of Vancouver. It is your one-stop-shop to get around Vancouver’s Downtown District. Whether you commute to work or live downtown, we’ll help get you where you need to go.

Join the movement

It’s no secret that downtown Vancouver is growing, which is why we want to help people living and working here select an alternative to driving alone. When you choose to carpool, walk or bike instead of driving, you help us remove cars from our streets, eliminate parking areas, and protect the beauty of downtown.

Destination Downtown LogoSwitching up the way you get here is just — GOOD!

Good for the environment. Good for your health. And good for your wallet!

Want to finish that great book or maybe burn a few more calories?  Save some time and money or improve your health?  Not driving alone makes it possible to do all of this, and it helps the environment. We’ve got some great options and resources to get you started. Take a look!

Because how you get here matters. 

Destination Downtown is a travel options program offered by the City of Vancouver to meet climate, equity, and safety goals in Vancouver’s Downtown District.


Enhancing the vibrancy of Downtown Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver is rapidly expanding. Which means we’ll have more people living and working here as we continue to grow.

Live, work, play or go to school here? Welcome! 

Anyone living or working in downtown Vancouver can be a part of our commute program. Visit Ride Amig​os to register and log your trips on our website or by using our mobile app. If you work in downtown Vancouver, your employer may provide trip reduction incentives. See if your employer is listed here and ask for a personalized welcome kit to help get you started with your trip planning. 

Be a part of a community

Everyone needs to make trips around town. Whether it is to the grocery store, work, school, doctor’s appointments, or other daily needs, we want you to get there by climate-friendly modes. How is that? By walking, rolling, biking, carpooling, and taking transit, of course! Why is this important? You can improve your health, save money, reduce stress, and be conscious of our climate concerns. However, you benefit, you will become a part of a community that takes pride in making a difference every day.

Get rewarded

We want to reward you for participating in our program. It’s easy to get started.  Simply visit RideAmigos to register, then start tracking and logging your trips from the website or inside the mobile app for recognition and prizes along the way. 

Do you live or work in the downtown zone?

Great news! Register with “Get There SW Washington” to start logging your trips and earning prizes along the way.