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Create a green footprint instead of a carbon one.

Did you know, by choosing to walk instead of drive you cut your greenhouse gas emissions by 75%? Walking is a low cost, healthy, and sustainable commute option.

If you live within a few miles from your destination, consider taking a brisk walk instead of jumping in the car. Or combine walking with a bus ride. You’ll feel good about helping yourself and the environment.

Walking safety tips and reminders.

  • Always look left, right, and then left again before crossing the street. And remember to look both ways before crossing making eye contact with drivers to be sure they see you.
  • Walk facing traffic where no sidewalks are available, so both you and the driver are more visible.
  • Cross at intersections or mid-block crosswalks.
  • Wear light colors or reflective clothing at night for visibility to drivers.
  • Stay alert: Even though drivers are required to stop when you’re using crosswalks many times – they won’t.

Choosing your route.

Do you take the most direct route along busy roads? Or do you choose an indirect route on quieter streets with less traffic? It all depends on where you’re going and how much time you have. Select the route that makes the most sense for your travel plans.

Government Agencies

  • City of Vancouver Long Range Planning: (360) 487- 7939
  • Clark County Public Works Department: (564) 397-6118
  • WA State Department of Transportation Southwest Region (360) 905-2000


When planning your walk, remember that on average, a person walks a 1/4 of a mile in about 5 minutes. So, a one-mile walk should take you about 20 minutes.

Traffic Concerns?

Cities want you to be interested in traffic safety concerns for your community. The City of Vancouver offers a Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program where you can submit your concerns via an online form. You can use this interactive map to determine if your street is within Vancouver City limits. 

Want to see a program like this in your community? Connect with your local jurisdiction public works department!