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Give yourself and your car an extra day off the road.

The Environmental Protection Agency says for every gallon of gas burned about 400 grams of C02 is emitted.  So if you can, flex your schedule and take your car off the road one day a week to reduce greenhouse gasses.

Flex scheduling gives you the option to work longer hours in fewer days. It’s a great way to have an extra day off every week or two and improve the environment by reducing carbon emissions from driving.

Most employees are familiar with 10-hour three-day weekend schedule. But did you know you could work nine hours days and with three-day weekend every other week?

Surveys say flex schedules are a great employee benefit that improves the work-life balance of employees and reduces turnover.


Some benefits of an alternative work schedule are:

  • Opportunities to use an alternative commute mode.
  • Flexible scheduling to avoid rush hour traffic
  • Empowers employees to control their work schedules
  • Extended business hours of customer service and production

Talk to your employer about working 10-hour days for an extra day off each week as a commute option.  Or, customize a flex schedule that works well both of you.