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Save time and money in the carpool lane.

Carpooling is a great way to cut your trip expense in half. Just ride to work with someone else instead of by yourself. Here’s a couple of ways to get carpooling.

Carpooling is easy

Joining or starting a carpool is easier than you think. You can find someone heading in the same direction as you by using the Ridematch section of the website. If you match with someone, reach out by email to work out the details of your trip. Or, if you work with someone who lives near you, ask if they’d like to share a ride to and from work. It’s that easy.

Consider this

It only takes two people to make a carpool.  But, the more people in your carpool means more cost savings.  Just make sure there’s enough time to reach your destinations safely.

Split the cost

Contributing to a carpool works a couple of ways. Either one person does all the driving with riders splitting the cost of the trip. Or all riders take turns driving without exchanging any money. No matter which way you choose, everyone saves on their trip expense.

Keep a schedule

Keeping a driving schedule is essential to prevent driver burnt out. You can make daily, weekly, or monthly calendars to alternate drivers. But, if someone loves to drive, it doesn’t have to change at all.


Take advantage of the one-and-only carpool lane in the region to keep a steady pace during rush hour traffic.

Front row parking might be waiting for you.  Reserved carpool parking is an incentive offered by most employers.  Ask your employer about this benefit.

Make your carpool easy

When you create a carpool, we recommend you follow a couple of guidelines:

  • Set up rules for the carpool such as policies about smoking, the radio, waiting times, and driving rotation.
  • Set up a plan for what to do when vacations occur or if someone gets sick.
  • Talk to your riders about keeping information on each carpooler like name, address, phone number, miles traveled, fuel costs, and fares.

Taking these steps can prevent headaches down the road.


After emailing a person to set up a possible carpool, meet with them in a public place where you feel comfortable and safe before committing.