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Looking for a corner office?  You might just find it in your house.

Telecommuting is the way of the future.  It’s cost-effective for both employees and employers. Employees that telecommute are typically more productive and have high morale. So employers get more out of their payroll dollars while employees enjoy a flexible and eco-friendly work life.

What is telecommuting?

Telecommuting or teleworking is working from home or a remote location and outside of the traditional workplace.  If telecommuting is an option for you, try it daily, weekly, or when your workload permits.

How is telecommuting considered trip reduction?

Telecommuting is a trip reduction option because it saves space on our roads.  Allowing people to work remotely reduces drive-alone trips. Telecommuting has been found to improve employee job performance and job satisfaction.  It also opens up new opportunities for recruiting and retaining employees because of the flexibility it provides.

Will telecommuting work for you?

Some jobs are a perfect fit for telecommuting. If you’re unsure about yours, talk to your employer to find out if this good commuting option for you.

Some of the most common telecommuting jobs are:

  • Writing
  • Research
  • Editing
  • Drafting
  • Analysis
  • IT
  • Customer Service/Call Center

Things to consider

If you work well on your own, communicate effectively and are confident in your job tasks, telecommuting is a good option for you.

Ask yourself these questions. 

  • Will working from home or another site distract you from your job duties?
  • How will you be reached? Can your desk calls be forwarded, or will you check your voicemail throughout the day?
  • Do you have a dedicated workspace?
  • Will your employer provide a computer or other office equipment?
  • Will you miss anything by not always being at the office?

Telecommute Resources

Interested in starting a telecommuting program? 
Here’s a website that has useful information to get you going:

• Telework Toolkit

•  The Telework Coalition
A not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the growth and success of telecommuting.


Many employers are hesitant to allow telecommuting. So outline your goals and expectations for telecommuting with your supervisor and make sure to establish an effective method of communication between the two of you. Setting clear expectations with open communication will set you up for success.

Note: Telecommuting isn't a substitute for childcare.