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Sharing is all about caring for the environment.

Want a car without the expense or hassle of owning one?  Try car sharing.  It’s the perfect choice for people who need a car — sometimes. 

So, what is carsharing?

Carsharing is a member-based resource for qualified drivers in a community.  The mission of a carshare program is to reduce the number of cars on the road and support commuting initiatives that protect the environment. 

How does it work?

Members usually pay a one-time fee to participate, to access cars around the clock on an hourly or daily basis.  Just reserve your car online or by phone. 

Combine your trip with carsharing.

If you usually travel by bike but have a scheduled appointment that’s too far to bike, reserve a carshare for your appointment.  You’ll have the best of both worlds and take care of the environment.


Find out more about carsharing and local car sharing organizations online at Carsharing Association.


Car sharing is not the same as carpooling, ride-sharing, or using a vanpool. Currently Vancouver does not have any car sharing providers, however there are several in the Portland Metro area.