Vancouver New Movers

Did you recently move? Explore your neighborhood.

The City of Vancouver wants to help you walk, bike, carpool, and take the bus more often.

What is the program?

It’s no secret that Vancouver is growing. More and more people move to Vancouver each day. The City of Vancouver is piloting a new travel options program for residents who have recently moved. The pilot program will build upon existing City programming and provide residents of two pilot communities (specifically people who have recently moved) with customized transportation information and support, events, and rewards to help them walk, bike, carpool, and take the bus more often.

Program Goals

  1. Encourage and increase the use of travel options such as bicycling, walking, transit, carpooling, riding a scooter, vanpooling, etc.
  2. Assist new movers in accessing and using travel options available in their area
  3. Enhance transportation education for new residents and the community


The pilot program will launch summer 2024 and will run through February 2025.


Olivia Kahn | Travel Options Coordinator
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
City of Vancouver
Community Development Department (CDD)
Phone: 360-487-7939 | [email protected]